When someone ignores what i’m saying

9.234:00 PM

When someone i’m talking to has something between their teeth

1 note9.224:00 PM

When people ask me why i’m cranky

4 notes9.214:00 PM

When i try to reassure my friend that she’s not a whore


9.204:01 PM

Thinking back on my high school years

2 notes9.194:00 PM

When my friend tries to talk me into dieting with her

1 note9.184:00 PM

When i’m bored but broke as shit

3 notes9.174:00 PM

When i try to be cool

41 notes9.164:01 PM

When i go out with my single friends

9.154:00 PM

When people ask me how i can joggle a full-time plus a part-time job

1 note9.144:00 PM

When i hunt the bar for a guy to buy me drinks

1 note9.134:00 PM

When an old woman complains that i’m not giving up my seat on the bus for her


9.124:01 PM

When i have to take my wasted friend home to her boyfriend

1 note9.114:00 PM

That time i tried to go blonde

2 notes9.104:00 PM

When a restaurant screws up my order

1 note9.94:00 PM