When people ask if i exercise

 Yeah, i do… 


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When people cancel their plans with me and gives me a lame-ass story as to why they’re canceling

10.134:00 PM

When someone says they don’t like cheesecake

10.124:00 PM

When i get flashbacks the day after i’ve been really drunk

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Working double-shifts

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When people point out that i’m really tanned even during the winter

10.94:01 PM

When i wear lipstick

10.84:00 PM

When i force my friend to drink with me even when she doesn’t want to

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What i’ve been doing since i graduated

10.64:00 PM

The second day of my diet

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Rationalizing my actions from the weekend


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My weekends

10.24:00 PM

My spirit animal

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My job as a waitress

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